We provide our services in both Polish and English, and our scope includes:

So-called audit Statutory and contract "investigative":

– badania i przeglądy sprawozdań finansowych
– badanie zewnętrzne wykorzystania funduszy unijnych
– badania i ekspertyzy wynikające z Kodeksu spółek handlowych
– badanie finansowe i prawne (wykonywane w ramach “due diligence”)
– badanie tzw. “śledczego”
– badanie kalkulacji wynagrodzeń
– audyt strategiczny, biznesowy, organizacyjny
– badanie systemu kontroli wewnętrznej

Tax advice

– appeals against tax decisions
– tax audit
– tax opinions – applying on behalf of the taxpayer for the interpretation of tax regulations
– representing the taxpayer before tax inspection authorities

Economic and financial expertise and analysis

– company valuations
– business plans
– economic and financial opinions


– keeping books of account and tax books, including: keeping books and preparing
statements according to the followingIFRS
(IAS/IFRS) preparing statements for foreign owners in English
– entities in liquidation and bankruptcy there is a possibility of “on line” access to the books kept by the office
– supervision over the books – – assistance in preparing accounting policy
– calculation of wages and settlements with the Social Insurance Institution
– assistance in preparing financial statements
– review of accounting and tax books
– advice on transition to full accounting, merger of companies, etc
– other financial and accounting advice

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Advice on:

– transformation of legal forms
– merger and division of companies
– sale and purchase of business entities

Training for economic operators in the field:

– tax ordinance (among others, methods of defense during the control proceedings
and in appeal proceedings)
– taxes
– accounting

Business valuations to determine its value for the purposes of:

– purchase or sale
– arrangement bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings
– merger or division of enterprises
– capital increase or redemption of shares and stocks
– determination of the value of assets held by the funds
– civil law proceedings
– tax proceedings
– bailiff enforcement proceedings
– financial reporting
– verification of creditworthiness and credit collateral
– insurance
– compensation
– control of the value of capital employed by the owner in the enterprise