About us

ARCHES Spółka Biegłych Rewidentów Jankowiak i Partnerzy was established in 2004 and was the first Auditing Partner Company in the Pomeranian Province. The financial research and audits that we carried out during our many years of work concerned business entities from various fields and industries, and we covered almost the entire country. The list of entities we examined includes both capital companies and private companies. Among our clients there are also enterprises with foreign capital, municipal enterprises, ZOZs, cooperatives (including housing ones), TBS, SKOKs and other business entities.

General information

The company is run by several auditors who have many years of experience, assisted by trainees and assistants. It permanently cooperates with experts from various fields, including specialists in economic and tax law. Thanks to this, we go beyond the boundaries of one-sided perception of issues and are able to take a comprehensive approach to meeting the requirements and expectations imposed on us.


Innovative approach to issues

Modern tools

In addition to experience, we also have the ability to have an innovative approach to the issues of balance sheet, tax, organization and management. In addition, we use modern work tools in our work, especially to audit financial statements, which effectively saves our clients valuable time.

Postgraduate studies

Certified post-graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in the field of Company Valuation Methods


The rich knowledge of our auditors is reflected not only in auditing, accounting and advisory activities, but also in training. We cooperate with the Association of Accountants in Poland, SEKA S.A. in Warsaw and ODDK Sp. z o.o. in Gdańsk, giving lectures, trainings and lectures.

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